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Epoxy Putty

Putty designed for smooth finish repairs to concrete units and also for high strength bedding of precast concrete, steel units, stanchions and for anti-vibration installations.


A three-part high strength epoxy putty suitable for placing using hand tools.
Specially graded fillers allow application thicknesses of 25mm down to a feather edge.

Epoxy Putty is easy to place using hand tools giving concrete bedding and repairs of the highest mechanical properties. The mortar can be used to give support to concrete arises and will act as a high strength support under precast concrete and steel units. Epoxy Putty is resistant to a wide range of chemicals including petroleum products. The mortar is stable to freeze-thaw action. Typical uses include repair of concrete beams, columns, walls and floors in areas where a smooth finish is required. Also for bedding applications to support precast concrete units, steel stanchions, wooden blocks and baulks, anti-vibration units and in other areas where strength of the highest order is required.