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Sealing, screeding and coating materials mainly for the protection of floors in areas subject to regular trafficking by personnel and mechanical equipment.

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Acrylic Sealer

Coating to protect and prevent dusting of concrete floors and other substrates.

LA Floor Screed

A low alkali floor screed suitable for overlaying all types of concrete surfaces.

SBR Friction Coat

Anti-skid coating which is suitable for a broad range of applications, including as a thin overlay to prevent skidding by vehicular traffic.

SBR Level Coat

Protective coating for concrete, blockwork and masonry; as a commercial decorative coating for construction areas; aesthetic finishes for pre-cast concrete to cover minor blemishes and imperfections.

Silicate Floor Hardener

A surface hardener and dust proofer designed to improve abrasion resistance to concrete surfaces.

Super Screed

Screeding mortar for general use as a topping to floor slabs in industrial premises, car parks, forecourts, etc,.