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Purpose-designed Parex products simplify the precaster’s tasks and help to speed up progress in the fast-moving precast erection sector.

The range has been developed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading precast concrete design and erection specialists to “problem solve” and simplify some of the more labour-intensive tasks on site by minimising or removing the need for preparation and shuttering, cutting down the requirement for follow-on labour and speeding up erection.

Our sector experts include highly qualified engineers to advise and provide on-site demonstrations and support.

Purpose-designed products developed in partnership with leading precast construction specialists to “do the job” during on-site erection operations. The range include cementitious and specialist products for every type of application.

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Bedding Units

A choice of mortars and high performance bedding compounds to assist in providing level, waterproof and high strength joints when positioning precast concrete units.

Joint Filling

Innovative filler and mortars designed to speed up the process of creating strong and weatherproof joints in precast concrete construction, including and exclusive stay-in-place pumpable filler.

Reinforcement Connection

Free-flowing high strength grouts suitable for the reinforcement of connections between precast units by flowing into narrow joints to make the junctions between units “as one”.

Segment - Unit Repairs

A choice of patching and finishing mortars to assist in achieving the highest standard of finish for precast buildings and structures, including materials colour matched to the various concrete types.


Carol Ball

Precast Sector Specialist

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