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Bridge Bearings

Epoxy mortars, adhesives and putty suitable for providing void-free and non-shrink support in critical areas such as bridge bearings and stanchion bases.

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Bondcoat UF

High performance bonder for use with epoxy resin based screeds, cementitious mortars and toppings.

Epoxy Adhesive 305

Special high strength adhesive for a broad range of bonding applications in the construction and civil engineering sectors.

Epoxy Putty

Putty designed for smooth finish repairs to concrete units and also for high strength bedding of precast concrete, steel units, stanchions and for anti-vibration installations.

Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade

Fine grade mortar formulated to provide support in critical situations including precast concrete, bridge beams, steel units, etc.

Epoxy Mortar E

High strength repair mortar for a range of repair and support applications.