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General Construction - RM&I

For general repairs, maintenance and improvement of properties and structures, the Parex range is unsurpassed.

For general repairs, maintenance and improvement of properties and structures, the Parex range is unsurpassed.

It encompasses a broad range of applications in concrete repair, waterproofing, repointing crack repair, grouting and a multiplicity of civil engineering and construction tasks.

It also offers a comprehensive range of mortars, renders and coatings for the refurbishment of buildings of all types including housing stock requiring insulated systems and historic buildings where specialist “traditional” materials and finishes are so important.

A team of expert sector specialists is on hand to advise on the best materials and systems for specific tasks and to provide CPD seminars on material specifications and concrete repair.

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A choice of products suitable for providing anticarbonation protection to concrete structures and for complementing cathodic protection installations.

Brick and Stone Repair

Lime-based repair mortars suitable for repairs to older, traditional brick and stone structures which can be finished to the standard of natural stone and used to help repair or re-create architectural features.

Concrete Repair

The broadest range of products available for concrete repair and remedial work across a wide range of sectors including highways, buildings, structures and civil engineering projects.

Crack Repairs - Brick

A choice of a polyester reinforced cement-based grout or thixotropic “stay-in-place” crack bonder.

Crack Repairs - Concrete

A range of epoxy and polyester resin based high strength and rapid hardening grouts offering the convenience of gun injection for ease of use. Suitable for a broad range of repairs.

Damp Proofing

A choice of products suitable for both general and specific waterproofing and damp proofing tasks including waterproofing membranes, sealers and specialist mortar for use in wet conditions.

Plastering Historic Buildings

Coatings essential to the task of maintaining the appearance of old and historic buildings and structures. Specifically formulated for lime-constructed facades.

Render Coatings

A choice of paints, coatings, admixtures and specialist anti-graffiti and fungicidal treatments for use when restoring buildings to an “as new” appearance and ensuring a long-lasting finish.

Rendering Historic Buildings

Purpose-made renders and ancillaries designed especially for rendering/re-rendering older buildings, including lime-based renders and decorative coatings in step with maintaining a traditional appearance and character.


Choose from a range of mortars specially formulated for ease of application by gun injection to speed up repointing and reduce labour requirement. These range from standard mortar for more recent buildings to lime based materials for older structures and a special marine mortar with ant-washout properties.

Re-Rendering - General

The Parex range of renders suitable for repairs and re-rendering of buildings of all types, ranging from single-coat through-coloured renders to waterproof, yet decorative finishes. Supplemented by a full range of reinforcing meshes. Admixtures and coatings.

Specialist Plastering

Materials to provide a high quality smooth finish for interior walls in just one coat and suitable for manual or machine application.

Stitch Plate Filling

A high strength product used as a backfill when brick stitching and dealing with moderate cracks in brick or masonry walls.