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Base Coats - Lime

Lime-based products suitable for base coat and substrate preparation prior to plastering.

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Gobetis Special A

Surface preparation render suitable for use as a first layer or scratch coat when restoring or reworking plaster or lime facades.


Lime-based restoration and bonding mortar, which is used as a base coat on old hydraulic cement and lime based renders, whether sound or cracked (but not delaminated) including painted surfaces on buildings where the original finish has aged, but remains sound. It adheres to most substrates, saving on time-consuming preparation work.

Parlumiere Clair

Lime-rich restoration base coat which can also be used for re-pointing stonework, bricks and facing stones and for use as a building mortar for constructing masonry.

Parlumiere STH

Hydraulic lime waterproofing base coat and building mortar suitable for weatherproofing and damp treatments.

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