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Waterproofing and Tiling an Aquatic Centre

Parex were involved in the waterproofing and tiling of an aquatic centre in the French centre city of Voves.

Bigger, more modern and more functional…These are the ambitions the city of Voves (France) has for its new aquatic centre which has been designed to be a work of art. Requirements which SRS (Société de Revêtements de Sols) understood well and to carry out tiling according to regulations, chose to work exclusively with PAREX products.

The community of Beauce Vovéenne (France) wanted to build a new aquatic centre which would meet the public’s expectations in terms of high standards of premises and services, together with leisure facilities. Particular importance was given to the feel of each area. For SRS the challenge was to deliver the finished work in less than 3 months with beautiful tiling which also met all the required regulatory standards.


In order to tile 750m² of very different flooring (from a paddling pool to reception hall) work needed to be planned well in advance. The SRS pool design office, led by Guy Tolmont, created extremely accurate location and action

Detailed technical drawings were made for specific points such as spouts, drains and gutters. In this way the complex’s 80 drains benefited from layout plans to create a coordinated, non-intrusive and perfectly waterproof system.

For aesthetic reasons, and following Parex technical advisers’ recommendations, grey adhesives and grouting were chosen for the floor tiles and white for the wall tiles. “The very fine grain of 551 PROLIJOINT RESIST ensures a clean and crisp result. Its dazzling whiteness accentuates the contrast sought on the walls with the “Padana Casa Grande tile colour”, adds the SRS construction manager. 


Once the structural work was completed by Vinci, the different floors (except the pools with liners) were treated in July by SRS and according to a well-defined process:

• The creation of a screed slope followed by the application of 588 ENDUIT D’ETANCHEITE specially adapted for wet environments.
• Tiles laid following plans with particular care paid to tiles for critical points and the curved walls such as those in the paddling pool.
• Application of 572 PROLIFLEX HP adhesive mortar, ideal for swimming pools, for laying 20x20, 12.5x25, 30x60 tiles
• Grouting with 550/551 PROLIJOINT RESIST, for large projects and resistant to chemical and physical wear and tear. Creation of joints between 2-20 mm. 20x20cm ceramic tiles were used for all changing rooms, showers and toilet walls.

With its outstanding adhesion, 572 PROLIFLEX HP has proven to be perfectly suited to vertical substrates,” says Goran.

With Parex advice and the detailed plans from the internal research department, the experienced SRS staff were able to avoid any unforeseen issues. They could focus on the finish for a perfect flatness and regularity, in accordance with  regulations.


Is a two component, flexible hydraulic micro-mortar for undertile waterproofing of intermediate floors with drainage, swimming pools, pool surrounds and walls.
• Rapid implementation
• No sanding required
• Solvent free

Is an fibre enhanced, flexible, adhesive mortar which is easily applied (C2S1ET).
• Fibre-enriched: resists cracking
• Ideal for swimming pools
• Single component

Is a dual component grout classified CG2WA.
• Resistant to heavy traffic
• Resistant to harsh chemicals (pH 5 – pH14)
• Highly efficient: easy application and easy to clean (suitable for high pressure cleaning)


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588 Enduit D’etancheite

High performance two-part flexible, waterproofing micro mortar designed for swimming pools, tanking damp walls and external applications prior to tiling.

572 Proliflex HP

Fibre modified adhesive for floor and wall applications for bonding ceramic, porcelain, natural stone tiles, brick slips and Parex Profiles.

550/551 Prolijoint Resist

A grey (550) or white (551) grout with high abrasion and chemical resistance suitable for jointing tiles in swimming pools and public locations with high traffic use.