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    To guarantee the durability of the new Center Parcs leisure centre in Loudun (France), the main challenge was to make it waterproof! 

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Ready for a dip?

Tiling and Levelling Solutions - The 2000m² waterproofed tropical pool.

Ready for a dip?

To guarantee the durability of the new Center Parcs leisure centre in Loudun (France), the main challenge was to make it waterproof! The European leader in proximity tourism entrusted the work to SRS (Société de Revêtements de Sols) who specialise in pool complexes.

A concept invented by Center Parcs and which is still unequalled now, the Aqua Mundo is a 2,000m² tropical pool.
After six months of colossal works, carried out in phases, it has now opened in Loudun (France). Special attention has been paid to the waterproofing element with the absolute necessity of getting it right: no leaks can be allowed to disrupt the Aqua Mundo’s subterranean technical centre. It’s a real challenge for a complex which is almost entirely under water!

For Goran Krgovic, construction supervisor at SRS, the challenge was to provide a full water tight solution so no water could infiltrate and compromise the technical and electrical network located beneath. “It’s exactly the same principle as a wet room but over 2,000m.”

Upstream of the project, SRS’s internal engineering office drew up implementation plans, highlighting the key areas and junctions. The implementation was carried out according to this site plan and along with the project manager to ensure all contractors worked on precisely defined areas. To achieve this, the two SRS waterproofing teams of between four and eight workers adapted their schedules from one day to another (in 2/8).

Knowing the technical advantages of 588 ETANCHEITE, SRS recommended it to the client. “Under technical advice for high usage floor surfaces it is the product which best meets the requirements of the site. Firstly because it is easy to use and secondly because it is packaged in pre-measured doses. It is applied with a roller and dries in 12 hours” explained Goran Krgovic.

Founded in 1972, SRS (Société de Revêtements de Sols) is specialised in waterproofing and recovering of pool complexes, paddling pools, terraces, beaches, steam rooms, spa and indoor and outdoor pools. Operating in the Central / West and Île-de-France regions of France, it employs a hundred employees. It has worked for more than 5 years with PAREX, SRS carried out the waterproofing for the Aqua Mundo complex at Loudon Center Parcs and entrusted the laying of the ceramic coatings to Groupe Vinet.

To meet the complexity of the flooring configuration, SRS has opted for two different technical solutions:
•  For common surfaces ranging from 50 to 200 m in length, the product was applied in 2 crossed layers at 24 h intervals.
•  For critical points, siphon plates and passageways,
PROLIBAND strips were used sunk into the 588 ENDUIT D’ETANCHEITE.

“Very flexible and resistant, they fit the areas to be treated perfectly. 588 ENDUIT D’ETANCHEITE does not require sandblasting before application of the adhesive mortar, which has saved us considerable time: no need to sweep before applying the adhesive or store too many bags sand, “ Goran summarises. It was an advantage also appreciated by the Vinet Group’s teams, who implemented the bonding on the waterproofing.

They were rapidly able to cover the waterproof zones with 572 PROLIFLEX HP to bond the natural stone.

“The qualities of this improved fibre enriched adhesive mortar which is easily moulded and has significant adhesion, have been particularly appreciated for the walls,” says Damien Calendar, project manager from the Vinet Group.
Is a two component, flexible hydraulic micro-mortar for undertile waterproofing of intermediate floors with drainage, swimming pools, pool surrounds and walls.
•  Rapid implementation
•  No sanding required
• Solvent free

Is a single component, enhanced fibre adhesive mortar which is easily applied (C2S1ET).
•  Fibre -enriched
•  Excellent adhesion
•  Suitable for laying large formats up to 10,000 cm²
•  Highly flexible with high adhesion performance

In order to ensure optimum product implementation, SRS applicators regularly receive training and advice from the PAREX Technical Department. A win-win partnership for the company which benefits from our expertise certified by the regular renewal of our accreditation. Our Technical Managers and our Technical Sales Agents are available throughout the country to answer all our customers’ site questions.



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588 Enduit D’etancheite

High performance two-part flexible, waterproofing micro mortar designed for swimming pools, tanking damp walls and external applications prior to tiling.

572 Proliflex HP

Fibre modified adhesive for floor and wall applications for bonding ceramic, porcelain, natural stone tiles, brick slips and Parex Profiles.