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The Gateway, Keiro Healthcare, Middlehaven, Middlesbrough

A unique new-build privately-operated, specialist health facility in the North East features 3 Parex render systems for its high rise exterior.

The Gateway on Middlesbrough’s riverside represents a new concept in integrated neuro rehabilitation, lifestyle and transitional accommodation for people with neurological conditions, stroke victims and those who have suffered spinal injuries.

The main six-storey Gateway building features external finishes of dark grey brickwork and contrasting Monorex GM through coloured render to the main elevations, with the PAREXTHERM Mineral External Wall Insulation System and PAREXDIRECT Mineral Render System used for the steel-framed structure and installed by B.C. Stewart Ltd. of Darlington.

Architects for the building chose Parex render systems to meet the criteria for an external appearance and finish that could be replicated across a mixture of substrates including blockwork, insulation and an external grade render board.

To the main lightweight blockwork areas a combined bonding agent and suction control coat of Micro Gobetis 3000 was applied followed by an 18mm coat of Parex Monorex GM which was scraped back to achieve a uniform 15mm textured finish.

For the steel framed areas, Parex Maite base coat was applied to the render board with Parex 355 AVU mesh embedded for added crack resistance, strength and stability, followed by a finishing coat of Parex EHI GF mineral render in Natural (code G00) colour. Where external insulation was required, 130mm fire resistant graphite enhanced polystyrene was adhesively fixed to the substrate with the Parex Maite prior to application of the same base coat, mesh and top coat render used for the PAREXDIRECT Render System above.

Main contractor Esh property services, part of the Esh group and render installers CIS Services (North East) Ltd., were also responsible for a development of 12 transitional homes operated by Keiro partner Erimus Housing, immediately adjacent to the main health and wellbeing facility.

These echo the external appearance of the rehabilitation centre using the same Parex render systems.

The two three-bedroom homes, two bungalows and eight apartments provide a ‘stepping stone’ back to independent living for patients who have benefited from rehabilitation treatment at the centre.

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Micro Gobetis 3000

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Monorex GM

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TV10 Reinforcement Mesh

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355 AVU Reinforcement Mesh

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Through-coloured renders suitable for use with the PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT render systems and available in 48 standard colours.