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PAREX Fine Bedding Concrete-Bedding Mortar

Fine bedding concrete for BS 7533 compliant bedding of natural stone slabs, pavers and setts. Supplied in silos, bulk one tonne bags or 25kg sacks.


Parex Fine Bedding Concrete (FBC) is a pre-blended, BS 7533 compliant cementitious bedding mortar with added polymers and plasticising agents providing strong and stable bedding for natural stone slabs, paving units and setts.
Parex FBC has a low water requirement and displays good freeze-thaw stability as well as resistance to oil and other chemical contaminants.

It is compatible with Parex Bond Plus priming mortar and Granatech jointing mortar in the Parex Streetscape range, combining to provide fully compatible bedding and jointing systems for hard landscaping projects.

Parex FBC typically achieves a minimum compressive strength of 35N/mm² at 28 days.

It requires only the correct addition of water for site mixing and is available in: 25kg sacks, one tonne bulk bags, or for more extensive schemes, it can be supplied direct-to-site in bulk silos.

Note: the relevant parts of BS 7533 set out varied parameters for bedding applications.
In order to meet specific criteria, please make us aware prior to ordering.
If in doubt, our Technical Services Department will be pleased to advise you on the correct product to meet the requirements of the project.

Parex FBC is also available as a BS7533-compliant, environment-friendly ECO version which contains a minimum of 20 per cent recycled aggregates. Components in the mix have been dried using new energy-efficient processes and are lighter to transport.

Parex Mortars are manufactured under a quality system conforming to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

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