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Cement Based

The widest range of materials suitable for highway repairs, new installation, reinstatement, patching, etc., Includes materials with quick setting times for early return to use and products for winter working in low temperatures.

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Highway CA1

Fast setting bedding mortar for use where early road opening is important. Suitable for bedding manholes and fixing road furniture.

Highways CA45

Rapid setting high strength mortar suitable for support applications involving ironwork and highway furniture. Allows early reopening.

Highway C2

Non-shrink bedding mortar suitable for the support of most types of road furniture and road ironwork.

Highway FSC10

Rapid setting concrete for fixing and reinstatement of all types of road ironwork.

Highway T-10

Rapid setting concrete for back-filling, haunching of ironworks and securing street furniture, even at low temperatures.

Highway Framefix UF

Non-shrink cement based variant of Framefix Mortar which hardens in 10 minutes and allows road opening in under one hour in normal conditions.