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Concrete Repair Products

Everything required for lasting high strength concrete repairs and protection of concrete structures. One of the broadest ranges available encompassing high performance products formulated for high performance and easy application.

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Castlestone Repair Mortars are Portland cement based powder mixes which are polymer reinforced, coloured and textured to enable surface finishes resembling stone or reconstituted stone.

Cement Based

A wide range of products for general and specific applications including overhead working, colour matched repairs, high build work, patching and fine finishing.

Corrosion Inhibitor

For protection of existing structures and steel reinforcement exposed during the course of construction.

Epoxy Resin Based

A choice of high strength and fine grade vibration-resistant mortars for repairs to concrete structures, including overhead work.

Polyester Resin Based

Materials for rapid hardening repairs to concrete structures, including both summer and winter working grades.

Primers and Bonders

High performance bonders, primers and admixtures to ensure successful and lasting concrete repairs.

Product Curing

Curing membrane for added protection when using all materials from the PAREX range of cementitious repair products. Spray applied for speed and convenience.

Special Applications

Spray-applied concrete coatings for shotcrete applications and deck membrane protection.