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Gun-injection ensures that PAREX mortars go right where they are needed, deep into joints up to 75mm.

PAREX Standard gun-injected mortar flows right into the joint, filling it from the back to ensure there are no hidden air pockets for water to lodge and no risk of subsequent frost damage. Using special restrictor nozzles it is possible to repoint narrow joints down to 5mm.

The gun-injection system allows semi-skilled trades to work under minimum supervision to achieve a high quality finish, far quicker than when using conventional methods.

The effectiveness of the materias has been proven over many years by reducing future maintenance costs and contributing to the value of the property. Substantial waste reduction and labour savings enhance the overall economy.

The gun injection method also means quicker, cleaner repointing with a high quality finish rarely attained by traditional hand pointing methods.

Where larger areas are involved, PAREX Standard and Engineering mortars are equally suited to machine placement for even quicker results.

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Walling Range

The comprehensive walling range encompasses every need, from cementitious mixes for conventional repointing, to a traditional lime formula for older buildings and a unique gun-applied natural hydraulic lime mortar for the restoration of historic structures.

Specifying Streetscape Products

To assist in the preparation of detailed specifications and general guidance on the use of PAREX Streetscape Mortars, information is available on request in the form of method statements on the different aspects of the repointing operation.

Draft Specification