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Nuclear & Power Generation

Parex offers a range of products suitable for grouting, containment and general construction applications where the highest levels of long-term performance and quality are essential.

Working in partnership with leading specialist contractors in the sector, Parex also provides the capability to factory-blend special materials to specification and develop bespoke products for specific applications.

Parex provides a range of materials suitable for both general and specific construction needs in the power generation sector and the ability to manufacture consistent, high quality bespoke materials to specification to meet the exacting requirements required.

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Concrete Repair

A selection of materials to provide lasting repairs to damage or blemishes in concrete surfaces, including easy-to-place lightweight mortar for overhead work.


High density bespoke products developed in partnership with key contractors to meet exacting specifications. For these types of products, contact our sector technical expert directly.

Crack Injection Repairs

High performance injection system purpose-designed to penetrate and seal the finest of cracks.

Grouting High Stength Base Plates

Nigh strength free-flowing grouts that rapidly harden to high compressive strengths to provide crucial high strength support and vibration resistance in critical areas and structures both internally and externally.

Pavement Repairs

Fast setting mortars and concrete for general repairs to internal and external walkways. Accelerated setting times allow early re-opening to traffic.

Post Tension Vessels

High strength grouting material for the post tension grouting of floors and vessels, together with a dry-packing materials for general precast concrete packing requirements.

Protective Coating to Steel and Concrete

Advanced protection for steel and concrete to prevent corrosion, contamination and carbonation. Can provide protection equivalent to over one metre thickness of concrete and Taywood certificated.

Structural Support for Anchor Blocks

Low-alkali non shrink concrete suitable for pouring or pumping. Use for general repairs and suitable for cathodic protection projects.


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Simon Rickett

Nuclear and Offshore Sector Specialist

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