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Highway Maintenance

PAREX provides a portfolio of advance products for all types of highways and associated applications. These include a choice of products specifically designed for situations where early return to service is essential and a range of materials for use in cold weather and adverse conditions.

The range encompasses specially formulated materials which meet the relevant British standards and hold DTp approval.

All this backed by a team with broad experience in highways works who are available to provide immediate technical advice and on-site support.

PAREX manufactures a comprehensive range of high performance mortars and bedding compounds for a broad range of applications ranging from the bedding of kerbs and fixing street furniture and signage to high-strength rapid-hardening repair materials for applications where fast return to service is required.

The range includes a broad choice of cementitious, resin-based and fibre reinforced materials to provide solutions to all types of bedding and repair applications, including special products for cold weather working.

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Bearing Mortar to DTP 2601

THE best-selling PAREX high strength grout ideal for grouting all types of base plates, precast units and joints to provide crucial support. Compliant with Highways Specification Clause 2601.

Bedding Stone Elements

A choice of high performance BS7533 compliant mortars suitable for bedding natural stone, available in bags, bulk or silos, along with a specialist polyester resin based mortar for bedding and fixing paving where same day opening is required.

Bonding Stone Elements

Bonding is an essential requirement of BS7533. Our system provides a choice of bonding materials that comply with the standards and are compatible for use with all materials in the Streetscape range.

Bridge Bearings

Epoxy mortars, adhesives and putty suitable for providing void-free and non-shrink support in critical areas such as bridge bearings and stanchion bases.

Carriageway Overlay

A choice of specially developed high performance overlay membranes to improve wear resistance and anti-skid characteristics.

Carriageway Patch Repairs

Fast setting materials for use where early re-opening of carriageways is required. Includes acrylic based and low temperature working materials.

Concrete Repair

A selection of mortars, primer and curing agents especially for concrete repair applications, skim coats, sprayed repairs and anti-carbonation protection.

Jointing Systems

A broad choice of materials for all types of joint, with application methods including slurrying, pouring mortars for wide joints and gun-injected mortars. Including materials compliant with BS7533.

Kerb Placement

Rapid setting polyester and cementitious mortars for the direct bedding of kerbstones. Quickly setting to form a high strength bond to allow early return to service of pathways and carriageways.

Laying Natural Stone Setts - Paving

A choice of materials for different applications involving traditional stone setts and small element natural stone paving. Also allows a choice of application methods – pouring or slurrying – dependent on the size of the elements being used and the width and depth of the gaps required. BS7533 compliant materials are available whatever the choice.

Low Temperature Patch Repair

For situations where repairs must go ahead no matter what the weather. Suitable for general purpose fixing, patching, repair and support uses in low and even sub-zero temperatures.

Manhole Placement

Parex draws on its Technical Mortars and Streetscape ranges of high performance bonding and bedding materials for manholes and frames in all types of situations and conditions. These range from premium cement-based bedding mortars to materials suitable for use in low temperatures and winter working conditions. High strength polyester resin based materials are also available where the highest levels of mechanical strength are required.

Street Furniture Bedding - Haunching

The PAREX Highway range of fast-setting mortars is ideal for fixing street and road furniture where time is of the essence. Materials of varying strengths and setting times are available dependent on the time available and the environment where they are used.


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