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Anchor Fixing

One of the broadest ranges of epoxy and polyester resin based high strength anchors for both horizontal and vertical anchoring applications involving rebar, bolts, dowels and other mechanical fixings.

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Tecgrip V

High strength polyester grout for anchoring fixings and bars into downward facing and vertical holes with a bolt to hole diametric difference up to 25mm.

Epoxy 200 Grout

For annular gaps 2 mm to 12 mm, used for base plates, rail tracks, starter bars and dowels, safety fences and balustrades, also reciprocating machinery and high impact loads.

CS Grout

Best-selling high strength free-flowing grout for a wide variety of grouting applications in industry, infrastructure, construction and civil engineering.

E33 Epoxy Grout

High strength epoxy resin-based grout for a broad range of applications including base plates, bridge bearings, reciprocal machinery, high impact loads, etc.