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General Construction - New Build

Parex offers a broad portfolio of advanced materials for both the civil engineering and new build sectors.

PAREX Technical Mortars are established as “industry standard” for a wide range of grouting, anchoring, coating and protection applications across a wide spread of construction sectors.

These range from high strength grouts and anchors to single-coat and specialist renders and ancillaries for quick and easy professional application to new build properties.

PAREX provides the broadest range of products for new build construction tasks across the civil engineering, housing and commercial sectors.
The products are supported by technical specialists available to advise at the end of the phone or on site.

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Anchor Fixing

One of the broadest ranges of epoxy and polyester resin based high strength anchors for both horizontal and vertical anchoring applications involving rebar, bolts, dowels and other mechanical fixings.

Base Plate Grouting

High strength, rapid setting and free-flowing grouts for all types of support applications in civil engineering, general construction and industrial applications. A range of materials suitable for pumping or traditional methods of placement for the void-free grouting of gaps of just 0.1mm to 140mm and above.

Bedding - Packing

Mortars suitable for general bedding and packing applications, ranging from a “stay-in-place” mortar which can be placed without the need for shuttering to a pumpable mortar ideal for use with newly placed precast units.


A choice of coatings ranging from materials suitable for surface protection of newly constructed concrete structures to high performance coatings for floors, stairways forecourts, car parks and industrial buildings.

Element Casting

High strength fast setting concrete compounds for use in additions, repairs and adaptations during the construction of precast buildings and structures.

Post Tension Construction

Advanced chloride-free materials for cable grouting, void filling and support applications, including a specialist packing material for placement without the need for shuttering.

Render Coatings

A range of Parex surface treatments and coatings for a variety of finishing requirements including graffiti removal and protection, waterproofing and surface protection, anti-fungal treatment, decorative coatings and “limewashing”.

Rendering - Cement

Parex traditional lime renders and ancillary products suitable for applications across a broad spectrum of new build requirements. The range includes base coat renders and through-coloured renders available in a broad choice of colours. The products are suitable for spray or hand applications.

Rendering - Lime

Lime-based bonding, base coat and finishing renders suitable for application where a traditional lime finish or ornamental plaster is required. Available in a choice of colours.

Renders - One coat

Superior weather-resistant single coat (Monocouche) through colour renders suitable for application to a range of sound masonry substrates to provide excellent long-lasting finishes. Ideal for manual or time-saving sprayed application and available in a wide choice of colours.


Screeding materials and admixtures for internal and external flooring and screeding requirements where a hard-wearing and long-lasting finish is required.

Steel Bar Protection

PAREX High Build Protective Coating provides protection against corrosion , weathering and contamination of exposed metal reinforcement in exposed steel equivalent to up to 1.3m of concrete and holds Taywood test endorsement.

Void Filling

Choose from a range of cementitious non-shrink flowing concrete materials for void filling and support applications suitable for stanchion support, barrier installations and other applications requiring thicker section support with a void-free fill.

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