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Façade colour simulator

Due to computer screen resolutions, the colours indicated on this colour simulator are offered as guidance only and should not be relied upon as a true representation of the actual colour of the finish. Colour will vary depending on the type of finish selected. Application by machine spraying or a textured finish will increase the depth of the colour. Variation in colour due to weather, site conditions and method of application should also be expected. For colour guidance, please request an actual sample from Parex in the colour and texture, prior to ordering the product. In addition, we recommend the desired finish is created on the actual substrate before proceeding with the application. Due to the variation in applicator techniques and building location, Parex Ltd is not responsible for the appearance or colour correctness of the applied finish. Colour, texture and finish must be verified and approved by owner, client, architect etc prior to application. The colours marked with an * indicate the shades with a solar absorption coefficient over 0.7. These strong shades are more sensitive to colour alteration, efflorescence, lime bloom and to climatic constraints. Ensure that humidity and temperature conditions are taken into account when they are used. Please note: The shade of the same colour may also differ, dependent upon the finishing aspect; e.g. The colour of a Textured finish adjacent to a Smooth finish in the same colour may appear to look different when viewed next to each other.