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Reinforcement mesh, admixtures and coatings designed to enhance the characteristics and performance of Parex renders and finishes.

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231 Lankofuge Surface

A solvent-based liquid for providing waterproofing and surface protection, which spreads by capillary action.

751 Lankolatex

Admixture for key coat preparation, bonding and waterproofing renders and mortars.


Render additive to provide resistance to algae and fungi.

Monaccel Plus

Accelerator liquid to reduce waiting time between render coats in cold weather.

Micro Gobetis 3000

A bonding coat for low or high porosity surfaces such as concrete, lightweight blockwork, bricks etc. It improves the adhesion for one coat render systems.


Admixture designed to prolong the handling time of Portland cement based concrete, renders and mortars.

TV10 Reinforcement Mesh

Glass fibre meshes suitable for use with a wide range of Parex render systems and applications.

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