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Base Coats - Cement

A wide choice of cementitious renders for a broad range of applications including waterproof products, traditional base coats and coatings suitable for over-tiling.

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Multi-purpose mortar suitable for a range of uses including as a thin base coat, an insulation adhesive and dash receiver for external wall insulation systems.


A weather resistant and breathable one coat grey render designed for dense masonry substrates, which can be left as self-finished, painted or can receive one of the Parexdirect Acrylic render system finishes. Excellent for float smoothing.


Base coat render suitable for over-tiling or as the base to a decorative render finish.

Monogris E

A weather resistant polymer modified substrate preparation and finishing coat render designed for use on multiple masonry substrates or when applying as a base coat onto damp substrates. MONOGRIS E is also suitable for receiving a range of PAREX top coat finishes.

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