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Cold Weather Working

The vagaries of UK weather cycles often prompt customers to ask when it is safe to proceed with work when conditions are less than ideal.

A typical cold snap between autumn and early spring can be difficult to judge as to when and how to work.

Much will depend on the Parex product being used, its’ setting time and the time gap between placement.

It also depends if you are using a fast setting mix such as a polyester or a designated fast setting, cement based, product such as Speedsure S Grout, any of our Render Systems or indeed any of the Highways Mortars.

The Parex Technical team has compiled cold weather working advice for our key product ranges. Just click on the Parex Division relating to the type of product that you are planning to use for more detailed information.

If you are still in any doubt, please contact the relevant Parex Technical department for more help.

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